A new normal is being defined in the Indian consumer market every day. With far-reaching socio-economic changes that India has undergone in the last decade, the drivers in urban and rural India are maturing fast. With a growth strategy tempered with localization and an inclusive business model, Future Group is an integrated consumer goods organization that offers a wide range of consumer goods brands that are distributed through its own retail network that are spread in every state of the country.

Our integrated consumer goods play captures almost the entire end to end value chain in the food, FMCG and fashion sectors. As modern retail drives new demand, efficiency and consumption in new categories, our strategy is based on our deep understanding of Indian consumers. We understand the varied buying behaviour of the Indian consumer across regional diversities, ethnicities, professional groups, and are constantly innovating to craft strategies that address the subtle differences.

Future Group's strategy is aimed at achieving inclusive, sustained and profitable growth with three levers

The bottom line in each of our retail success stories is "know your customer". Insights into the soul of Indian consumers - how they operate, think, dream and line - helps us innovate and create differentiating functionally.
As India's leading integrated consumer goods organization, we understand the importance of innovation. We integrate data science, technology, design thinking and deep consumer insights to cater to the fast changing needs and aspirations of India’s diverse consumer goods
Collaborative Transformation
Creating a collaborative environment combining our strengths with our suppliers and vendors helps us create immense value for our customers which in turn fosters mutual growth.


We believe that modern Indian retail rests on the strength of two pillars – scale and efficiencies. As front-runners in both areas, we firmly believe our core responsibility lies in providing protection to customers from the overall rate of inflation. While the scale and size of our operations helps us improve efficiencies, it also ensures we deliver greater value to our customers.

Our retail thrust is focused on four principal verticals of Food, Fashion, General Merchandise and Home. These four categories together account for nearly 65% of the consumption in the country and represent mass consumer aspirations. Acknowledging this, we are creating retail pure play through divestment and demerger of non-retail businesses to concentrate our efforts on these verticals.

India's retail boom is being driven by resurgence in the economy. Modern retail still has around 6% share of the total retail spend in the country, that is estimated at around US $ 400 billion. Thus, the potential for modern retail growth in India is huge. Currently, leading retailers in mature markets occupy the top three slots by turnover, employment and value creation. As the Indian economy matures, it is upon us to make the same happen in our country.