Encouraging Environmental Stewardship

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Future Group strives to reduce environmental impact and optimize energy consumption in its stores and strengthen green considerations in logistics operations. Our endeavour is to promote eco-friendly products and raise awareness on environmental issues both internally and externally.

As part of our sustainable-development initiatives, we have made a commitment to care for the environment. Through our commitment, we look to make a significant positive impact on the ecology and surroundings in which we operate.

Through investment and innovation we are leading the way in providing a greener way to do business.  We fulfil our responsibility for delivering high quality services in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner by:                                                              

  • Reducing the environmental impact of store construction and operations
  • Improving energy efficiency for important environmental benefits and reducing operating costs
  • Strengthening environmental considerations in the design of green products and packaging; developing green product lines that respect environmental concerns
  • Reinforcing environmental considerations in logistics