Improving social mobility

Through community-driven development, we aim to foster a symbiotic relationship with Indian entrepreneurs across communities to create increased self-employment opportunities.

The grassroots nature of community-driven development promotes people participation in development decisions that are usually decided in a top-down manner. Economically disadvantaged women and ethnic minorities are among those who stand to gain the most through our community-driven development initiatives.Our approach is to help and collaborate with different communities in the rural pockets of our country to achieve harmonious growth.

Recognizing the potential to address economic inequality/disparity and accomplish other objectives contributing to inclusive growth, Future Group has spread its reach deep into rural India. Our people engage to undertake community mobilization and capacity building, and help develop measures to reach isolated, ethnically diverse, or remote communities.

Our engagements provide us with practical knowledge about designing and building upon community-driven operations and provide them with an enabling and inclusive framework.